The taco is perhaps the perfect food: It’s equally delicious when prepared using family recipes or bouts of culinary insanity. It’s hand-held and portable. And, most importantly, it’s available pretty much anywhere: trucks, fine dining restaurants, family gatherings, and random Tuesdays at dingy-ass bars alike. A great taco is easy to find. But these, well, these are beyond great.

Behold, the best taco joint in every state. You’ll find a huge mix here, from family-owned small-town taquerias to unexpectedly sumptuous mashups, and more than a few trucks. Consider this a starter list for an endless Taco Tuesday, and by all means, use the comments section to add to the conversation. After all, we’re in a golden age, and discovery is all the more wonderful when there’s carnitas involved.

La Santa Taquería

One universal truth of tacos is that anything served out of a truck at [THE WHARF MIAMI] is going to be great. No exception in Miami, where Mexico City chef Omar Montero has brought tacos to Miami previously only available south of the border. The highlight here is the Villamelon Cecina with dried rib-eye, sausage, and chicharron, a staple at Mexican bullfights named after the bougie pseudo-fans who attend. But ask anyone who’s been to Mexico City and they’ll tell you the flavors in the al pastor and the asada are as close as you’ll find to the real thing stateside. Though La Santa is still in the process of finding a permanent home, the garden center truck and pop-ups throughout the city are worth seeking out. — MM

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