MIAMI NEW TIMES | By Luis Gomez | July 10, 2019 |

Independence day in Colombia means military parades and flags hanging outside of homes and, um, that’s about it. The celebrations are surprisingly tame, especially when you consider Colombians usually look for any excuse to party and dance. The truth is the best Colombian Independence Day celebrations take place outside of the country in areas with heavy expat populations, including South Florida.

Every year around July 20, pockets of South Florida get a yellow, blue, and red makeover and are taken over by vueltiao sombreros, the sound of vallenato, and, like it or not, the smell of aguardiente. This year should be even more festive because the holiday falls on a Saturday. Want to know the best places to celebrate Colombian Independence Day in South Florida? We’ve got you covered, parcero.

Wharf Loves Colombia Festival. The Wharf invites you to rumbear on the riverfront with a live vallenato band and DJ Kid Nemesis. The outdoor event space will serve free mango biche (seasoned green mango) and aguardiente shots for $3. Your first one is gratis with an RSVP. Food options of the non-Colombian variety include Lung Yai Thai Tapas, Spris Artisan Pizza, and La Santa Taqueria. Noon Saturday, July 20, at the Wharf, 114 SW North River Dr., Miami; 305-906-4000; Admission is free.