TIMEOUT | OCT 08, 2019 | 
The Wharf

Parking yourself on the sand of one of the Miami beaches for the weekend sounds like a glorious way to pass the time—until it’s not. At some point you’ll want to wear more than a swimsuit, experience brunch in Miami and see what the Miami nightlife scene has to offer. Lucky for you, each week we compile a list of what promise to be the most fun events, performances, festivals and more happening Friday through Sunday. Ready to turbocharge your social life? Make plans to keep busy with our guide to the best things to do in Miami this weekend.

La Feria del Rio: Riverside Spanish Festival

The Wharf, Riverside 

The Wharf pulls out the stops for its weekend-long festival celebrating all things Spain. For the main event on Saturday, expect live flamenco dancing, specialty foods, Spanish cocktails and drink specials throughout the day. We’re particularly pumped about the all-day $15 rosé sangria pitchers and $25 bottles of tempranillo, plus—in true Spanish form—lots and lots of fresh seafood enjoyed in the sunshine along the river.