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Tito’s Handmade Vodka is quite possibly one of the most well known alcohols in today’s market with bars and restaurants across America soaking in the profits of its drink orders but what exactly makes it so special? What is Tito’s Vodka made from?

In this article, we will be exploring what ingredients are used to make Tito’s vodka as well as the history behind the famed spirit and how its production process has evolved over time.

What Ingredients Are Used To Make Tito’s?

Having become synonymous with great taste and quality, Tito’s Vodka is made using only the simplest yet finest ingredients such as high-grade corn, water, and sugar.  Using these to create the end result you see bottled on shelves at your local liquor store, several steps need to take place.

First off, pure water from an aquifer and or a body of sediment saturated with groundwater deep beneath the Texas Hill Country is required.  This source of natural water is used to provide a clean base to the formula contributing heavily to the smooth taste of the spirit.

Next, high-grade non-GMO yellow corn is added to this mixture in order to bring the beverage one step closer to being poured into your cocktail glass.  However, just before it makes it there, natural cane sugar or beet sugar are added to the mix for sweetener and then is distilled six times over by hand until it reaches the desired proof level.

What Is Tito's Vodka Made From?

Where Does Tito’s Handmade Vodka Come From?

Now that we’ve covered the ingredients and steps that go into Tito’s Vodka, it’s time for the good stuff, it’s history. Produced in 1997 by a man named Tito Beveridge in Austin, Texas, the vodka started as an experiment dealing with different recipes and distillation methods. Once reaching the desired flavor, it continued to grow as a brand in popularity eventually leading to a need to increase production efficiency.

To improve both quality and quantity during production, it went from initially being made using an old-fashioned pot still method of distillation taking up to 10 days to complete, to using what we know as column stilling technology; this would allow Tito and his workers to produce more vodka faster without sacrificing taste or quality.

Additionally, they incorporated a continuous charcoal filtration process into their steps meaning they removed impurities while preserving flavor compounds—and employed a team of master tasters who ensure each batch meets their high standards of quality before each bottle is distributed. These improvements ultimately have allowed Tito’s Vodka to remain at the forefront of premium spirits production while maintaining its status as one of America’s favorite vodkas.

What Is Tito's Vodka Made From?

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is very carefully procured using only the highest-grade ingredients such as corn and cane sugar to create the delicatent flavor infamous in today’s drinking culture. If you are interested in giving the spirit a taste next time you’re out be sure to ask your waiting staff for recommendations or join us at The Wharf Miami on Sundays for Heads or Tails, an event where you flip a coin to decide who pays for your Tito’s tab, you or the house!

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