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Pizza is one of the most mouthwatering dishes in the world and continues to gain popularity for it’s cheesy goodness and ability to be so versatile with added ingredients. With pizzeria’s showing up on damn near every neighborhood you can’t help but ask yourself “where did it come from?” In this article, we will be exploring when was pizza invented and take an even deeper dive into the pizza origin as well as what it has become today.

The History Of Pizza

Tracing back to as early as the 10th century in Italy. The first recorded instance of pizza serves back to a legal document from Gaeta in 1135. This document mentions a tenant who was given the right to bake pizza in his oven.

Despite this initiative taken to prepare the dish, it wasn’t until centuries later when pizza really began to take off. In the late 1600s, pizza became an inexpensive dish that mainly consisted of cheese and basil. With simple ingredients as well as preparation, it was considered the poor man’s food sold by street vendors to those poverty stricken in the streets of Naples. Eventually, more toppings would be added such as tomatoes, olives, mozzarella, anchovies, mushrooms and garlic.

Modern day pizza then grew increasingly popular throughout Europe. By 1830, there were over 200 pizzerias in Naples alone and soon the dish spread across Italy and eventually other parts of Europe and beyond.

What Is Pizza Today?

Fast forward to present day. Pizza is one of the biggest dishes in the world with 5 billion of them sold worldwide each year and a staggering 350 slices consumed every second. That’s a lot of pizza. Depending on what country or region you are in, variations of the dishes crust can include thin, thick, stuffed, flatbread, cracker or even the Chicago, United States staple of deep dish. No matter where you go there will always be unique combinations of styles and topping ingredients having evolved from tradition like beetroot pesto, rhubarb, goat cheese, buffalo, honey BBQ sauce and even more culturally inspired one’s like kimchi or salmon. It goes to say that there is no end to the possibilities making a delicious slice of pizza whether embracing it’s cheesy goodness or venturing off into territories unknown but soon to be found.

When Was Pizza Invented?


In conclusion, pizza has been around for centuries but its popularity truly started when it first appeared in Naples during the late 1600s when various toppings were added to create modern day pizza as we know it today. Over time it has spread across continents and become an international favorite – no matter what country you visit you can always find someone enjoying a delicious slice of pizza!

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