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Listen up, crew mates! We need to settle a very important debate of which is better – hot or cold drinks? Some say chilled alcohol is perfect for relaxing on a scorching day, while others swear by sipping on hot toddies to beat the winter blues. Let’s raise a glass and settle this once and for all!

How Does The Temperature Affect The Taste?

Did you know that the temperature of your drink can make or break the taste? I mean, sure, personal preference matters too, but it’s damn near science when it comes to alcoholic beverages. For instance, cold drinks are perfect for keeping things fresh and crisp, while warm beverages evoke a more cozy feeling like your being wrapped in a fuzzy comforter that happens to have a sweet smell of spices! It’s hot and cold, much like your ex’s mood swings. *sorry*

How Does The Temperature Affect You Physically?

It’s no secret that some boozy drinks are meant to be served hot while others are better chilled. When the snow’s falling and the temperature’s plummeting, a hot toddy, mulled wine, or an Irish coffee will warm you up from head to toe. And when the sun’s blazing and sweat’s pouring down your face, grab a cool refreshing cocktail to prevent you from having a heat stroke.

At every party there is always someone who arrives “fashionably” late and with that, a need to catch up to the other party people a few drinks in. If this sounds like you, try hot alcoholic drinks – they’re absorbed into the bloodstream faster than cold ones. But if you’re looking to pace yourself, stick with the chill. Slow and steady wins the race – or at least keeps you from hitting the robot on the dance floor.


In Conclusion

Hot or cold, boozy drinks are like opinions – everyone’s got one! But be mindful, just like your choice of Netflix show, the type of tipple you’re sipping on affects its ideal temperature. You want that vino to be bold and robust? Chilling it is your best bet. But if a warming whiskey is your jam, heat that bad boy up. In the end, it’s all about personal taste. So trust your gut (and taste buds) and serve that drink at the temp that hits the spot. Cheers, friends!

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