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Are you looking for something a little bit more ‘absolute’ in your life? Well, it’s not the exact same spelling as Absolut vodka but you get the joke. Having made waves in the liquor industry for some time but the question remains—what IS Absolut vodka made from? While it’s not as mysterious as the ingredients of a Big Mac or KFC’s herbs and spices, there are still some interesting things to uncover when it comes to discovering what goes into a bottle of this famous vodka. So pour yourself a shot and put your detective skills to work as we explore exactly what it is that makes Absolut so darn absolute.

What Ingredients Are Used To Make Absolut?

Absolut Vodka is basically the lovechild of mother nature’s best natural ingredients. They blend water from Åhus, Sweden with winter wheat and malted barley harvested locally. This results in a smooth taste that’s crisp and clean like a freshly ironed shirt. With naturally occurring minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium thrown in the mix, it’s like drinking a fancy smoothie that can give you liquid courage. Combining these unique ingredients in every bottle, you can travel the world and every bottle of Absolut Vodka will taste exactly the same.

A far as distillation goes, the vodka uses a blend of old-school distillation methods and cutting-edge tech to extract the flavors from its natural ingredients in order to produce a vodka renowned for its purity. And of course, before it hits the shelves, it’s thoroughly tested for quality assurance before being bottled for sale.

The team at Absolut Vodka don’t take their liquor game lightly. They put their bottles through the wringer with rigorous testing at every stage of production. Filtration? Check. Blending? Check. Bottling? Double-check. They’re checking those samples at regular intervals to guarantee that every batch lives up to their high standards. No wonder Absolut Vodka is killing it in the market.


Where Does Absolut Vodka Come From?

Before we give a businessman named Lars Olsson Smith a round of applause for changing the game of vodka forever, let’s learn a bit more about his contribution, shall we? In 1879, Smith was on a mission to distill the most delicious and smooth alcoholic beverage known to man. A difficult task indeed but after years of relentless experimentation, he finally achieved vodka perfection using winter wheat. What did he name this masterpiece? Absolut Vodka, my friends. This innovative and delicious spirit rapidly took over the world, becoming a beloved and globally-exported brand.

For those who didn’t think a bottle could be as iconic as the spirit inside, they thought wrong. Since 1979, the Absolut bottle has been the face of the famous vodka with bold colors and vibrant graphics giving the bottle’s unique design the power to stand the test of time. Absolut isn’t just a one-trick pony either – ever since Pernod Ricard acquired the brand from Vin & Spirits AB (V&S) back in 2008, they’ve expanded their product line beyond traditional vodka to include a variety of flavors, editions, and sizes to suit any taste.


In Conclusion

Absolut Vodka has been distilled to absolute perfection for over three centuries, using only the finest natural ingredients. With its distinct combination of water, winter wheat, malted barley, and yeast, Absolut Vodka is loved and adored by people all over the world. Each bottle is made with care in Åhus, Sweden, using only the best ingredients before it’s shipped out to customers worldwide. It’s no wonder Absolut Vodka is a fan favorite – its unique flavors and impeccable production process are simply unbeatable!

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